Letter of Calvary Nazarene


We can't remember the exact date we came to Calvary Nazarene Church. Probably 5-6 years ago now. But we came because of our friend, Mary Hall, who went to be with Jesus recently. We knew Mary and Jerome from another church we attended and because of a split of that church we were looking for a place to worship close to our neighbor hood and we would’t have to travel so far.

We visited the Sunday after Mary called us. We were warmly greeted and made welcome by the then Pastor Wendell Brown, John and Linda Mabry, Jerry and Joanne Atnip, and everyone there . . . and we stayed . . . with the blessing of our former Pastor. We have been blessed to sit under the preaching of God's word by Wendell's father, Pastor Ralph Brown, been blessed by the music of Elizabeth Brown, Ralph's wife. We've been taught under Jim Hughes Sunday School teachings as he struggles with lung problems. We've seen the strength, faith and dedication in action in Linda Mabry and Warren Sadler . . . both fighting cancer . . . we've seen the love of Christ displayed in giving to the needy and widows . . . we've seen the dedication of brothers like John Driver, John Mabry, George Giller and Roger Martinez. The expression of love to our Lord through the singing of Lena Ruth Martinez and Sharon Sadler.

The Lord has given us now a great Bible teacher and Pastor Morris Murray. We found our Christian home. And for anyone reading this that does not have a home church . . . or would like to visit Calvary church . . . we HIGHLY recommend you visit us. You will be made welcome . . . and what is most important . . . you’ll be welcomed by the Lord Jesus Christ.


Jack and Ursula Hall



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