The Greatest Gift


God bless the Child

Who came to this earth

On a cold winter night

When His mother gave birth


In far away Bethlehem

So long, long ago,

The wise men came

Through the cold and the snow.


They came to worship

God's only son

Who was sent to redeem us

From the sins we had done.


On Calvary cross

He died for our sins

And He asks that we only

Accept and love Him.


For love and obedience

Brings eternal life.

The Greatest Gift

We'll receive in our life.


God grant us the spirit

Of that Christmas day

That was born with our Savior

So far away.


In Bethlehem town,

Where Mary gave birth

To the King of All Kings

Ever born on this earth.


God bless the Child

Born on this day

In long ago Bethlehem,

So far, far away.


Kate Larkins




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