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 Newsletter Article March 2013

Pastor Windell Shirley


Our Christmas season is filled with so many festive ways of celebrations. Choirs joyously singing praises, streets decorated with gorgeous streamers of ribbons and bright lights brilliantly aglow, Churches of all denominations presenting pageants and plays depicting the birth of the Christ Child, Parties and gayeties of all sorts. Almost every business and every store, All the malls filled with myriads of fanciful, dazzling array. Just about every direction one turn’s they are reminded of the meaning of the “reason for the season.” Nothing can be more serene and joyous as we exclaim that the King of Kings and Lord of Lords is born.

The question is then posed, “How should we celebrate Easter?” Many view Easter as a time of Morbid, shameful experiences. There are places in the world where we view scenes of individuals cutting their bodies, allow some other person to beat them with whips, Some will wear crowns of thorns and carry a cross, men and women will rent their clothing and weep and wail without shame. What a harrowed and despicable way to Celebrate Easter. Our Savior died suffering agonies and humiliations beyond our imaginations, the pain was so excruciating that my heart cries out, “my God, my God how terrible and how awful.” All this inhumane torture Jesus had to endure for a purpose and reason. His precious blood had to be poured out and shed for our despicable and awful sin. The scripture states that, “Without the Shedding of blood there would be no remission.” (Hebrews 9:22)

There certainly had to be the sacrifice and pain, the flogging, cross bearing, railings and curses, the nails driven in His hands and feet, the crown of thorns and then being hosted on a cross and hanging his head and dying. That beloved is not to be celebrated, but for us to honor as hallowed. We just cry out, “THANK YOU GOD FOR LOVING US SO.”

We Celebrate Easter with joyous praise, loud hallelujahs, deep heart felt thanksgiving. The Resurrection of Jesus Christ is really what Christmas is all about. No Gift is any more wonderful and precious than having a love so abounding and cleansing as the blood of Jesus Christ. Why should we not celebrate, with anthems, lights arrayed along every street, trumpets sounding. More glorious is the fact that the plan of God has been completed. Jesus is alive our sin has been atoned for. Because he lives we also may live.


Index :

1. Christian Ministry

17. The Cross

2. NT Churches: Problems & Potentials

18. Core Beliefs

3. Greed - Lk. 12:13-21

19. The Wrath

4. Unity/Oneness - Eph. 4:4-6

20. Rationale for Existence

5. Be-Attitudes - Mt 5:3-16


6. Motivating Lay Involvement in Ministry

22. Forgiven

7. Forgiveness

23. God Sends

8. Biblical Foundations for Witnessing

24. Grumblin

9. Jesus: Preacher - Teacher?

25. Membership as Covenant

10. Grace

26. Overview of Revalation

 11. Nazarene Identity

27. Personality Disorder

 12. Existence of the Church of the Nazarene


 13. Guidelines for Bible Study

29. Two Revalations

 14. Love - Johannine Style

30. Qual for Ministry

 15. Judgement

31. S D P

 16. Judaism - Christianity - Islam

32. Personality Disorders 2










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