go ye into the whole world

Mark l6:l5


FICTION . . . and FACT



Danny hadn't been coming to our church very long . . . a few weeks at the most. He had been saved at a Crusade and someone had directed him to our church. He always came to church in his faded jeans and T-shirt. I had talked with him a few times and he always smiled as he would say, "Nice to talk to you Mr. Wayne."

I never dreamed anyone in our church was unhappy with his appearance. After one Sunday service, I was standing in the back talking with a brother as some were coming in for Bible study. Danny approached the class teacher, Bro. Roberts, and said, "I think I'd like to attend your class." Roberts looked at him for a second and I was shocked as I heard Roberts say, " I know you've been coming here a couple of weeks now and I've never seen you in any other clothes . . . I think it would be proper if you wore something a little more suitable for church . . . I think you'd be more welcome after you get your self looking a little better."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing and my friend looked at me with his mouth open in disbelief.

A pained look came on Danny's face and after a second he said , softly, "Fine". He turned and headed for the door. I was boiling mad at Roberts and I started out after Danny and caught up to him as he was heading for his old beat up truck. He had tears in his eyes and my heart was breaking for him and he said " I guess that about finishes me".

"Danny," I said."You know that's not how everone feels . . . Roberts is wrong . . . lets go in and see the Pastor and get this straight right now!"

"No, I can't go back in there . . . maybe I was just meant to be a junkie . . . I don't need any better clothes for that." I could see the deep hurt and frustration in his eyes but I couldn't change his mind.

"Danny . . . you belong here regardless of how one man feels."

" Maybe I'll see you again, Mr. Wayne." he said, as he pulled out of the parking lot.

That was the last time I ever saw Danny . . . I cried when I read in the paper about a month later that a young man had been found dead of an overdose of drugs . . . his name was Danny Dake. Roberts was confronted later . . . but I won't go into that . . . but I can assure you!!!!



The above story is FICTION . . . and a little harsh . . . but there is no FICTION about how a tongue can hurt . . . in the Bible James 3:8 tells us it's full of poison and no man can tame it . . . but God can!!! If we will allow Him. Also the Bible says that God looks on the heart and not at the outward appearance.

It doesn't matter what we wear, how we look, what we've done, our race, etc...God will accept you . . .

He gave His Son to come here, die on a cross and be risen to life so we could have life..I pray you will consider Christ . . . He probably won't make you rich or famous but He will be there for you to help you through life . . . and then . . . give you eternal life . . . with Him. John l:l2 tells us "As many as received Him, Jesus Christ, gave He power to become sons (and daughters) of God . . . even to those who believe on His name." No "special clothes needed" . . . I pray you will consider Him . . . if you do, you can become His son or daughter by just asking Him, out loud or silent, in your own words, and He WILL hear you!!! . . . I'll tell you one thing; YOU'LL NEVER REGRET IT . . . AND HE WILL NEVER FORGET IT!!!!.

Written by: Jack Hall (C) 2002

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