go ye into the whole world

Mark l6:l5

FICTION . . . and FACT

The Angel Van


My name is Paul Wedon. I work for Tri-Way Glass. We make glass windshields for aircraft and cars. The company was thinking of locating a plant in Zackville, Virginia and they wanted to set up a display at a Motel in that area. They wanted someone to set up the display and give out brochures to the public. I voluntered since I was from around that area. Before leaving, my wife and I prayed for protection as we always do and I was on my way.

Everything went good in Zackville and on Friday afternoon at two o'clock I closed the display. It had been raining the night before and all that day . . . hard and my supervisor had called for me to close and go to Edgemoore, 20 miles south, and pick up a part from a supplier. Having a relative that lived on a state road, I decided against the interstate and decided to stop and see them. The state road runs down in a valley, is narrow and is sandwiched in between a high bank . . . and the river. Mud slides are common during heavy rains there and I should have been expecting one. As I rounded a curve, in a hurry and going too fast, I came upon one . . . hit the brakes. The van skidded, hit part of a railing . . . it broke . . . and I headed for the river . . . muddy and swollen!!! I heard my self cry, " Lord, please help me!!".

"Hey! Hey, buddy! Are you alright?", the trooper was asking and shaking my arm. I was sitting in the van . . . on the road . . . with my hands firmly gripping the steering wheel.

"How'd you get this thing back up here on the road?", he was asking. I couldn't believe it . . . I gestured I don't know, got out and walked to the edge of the road.

I asked, "Was I down there??!!.

The trooper gave me a puzzled look and said, "Somebody was . . . there's a l2 foot wide path clean from here to the water . . . was anybody else involved in this?", he asked.

I told him what happened . . . I remembered starting over the bank , felt the van start to bump and the next thing I knew, he was shaking me.

The trooper looked at me strange for a second, and said, "The same thing happened here a couple years back. No one could explain how the truck got back on the road. A lot of people thought that trooper was nuts . . . I'm not going through that. If you're OK, I'll write this up and you can go."

He looked at me again, shook his head and headed for his patrol car. I walked around the van . . . it was caked with mud and small twigs. I headed on to Edgemoore still puzzled. It was clear, the sun had come out and I sensed something urging me to stop the van. I pulled over and waited . . . and tears filled my eyes. The Presence of God filled the van and my mind was softly filled with, "for the Lord God is with thee withersover thou goest," Joshua l:9 . . . "for He will give His angels charge over thee," Psalm 9l-11 . . . then I knew!!! thanking God for His presence and protection . . . that we had asked for before I left . . . I headed the Angel Van to Edgemoore . . . and stopped to visit the relative.



Of course, the above story is FICTION . . . but like the little boy in the movie, Angels in the Outfield said "It could happen." Well, it's a FACT that God will give His angels charge over us, but we have to know Him in order to ask Him . . . and the only way to know Him is to accept what His Son Jesus Christ has done for us . . . he came to this earth, lived a sinless life, went to the cross, took our sins on Himself, died, and arose . . . so that we could be reconciled to God the Father. Jesus tells us in His word, "If you will confess Him with your mouth and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you'll be saved." (Romans l0:9) Reconciled to God. Contrary to popular belief, Jesus said: "I AM THE WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE, NO MAN COMES TO THE FATHER EXCEPT BY ME" . . . that's Jesus speaking, not me. I hope you'll consider Him. He loves you, and is waiting for your call, just ask Him in your own words, from the heart, out loud or silent . . . I guarentee you . . . YOU'LL NEVER REGRET IT . . . AND HE WILL NEVER FORGET IT!


Written by: Jack Hall (C) l997..2007.

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