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When my grace seems far away -

When it appears I am hiding my face -

When hope is bleak within the maze of the day -

When understanding doesn=t match the race -


When losses mount up -

When cares are too deep -

When life=s filled with stuff -

You=d rather not keep -


Know that I am still here

In ways no one can see:

Know that you need not fear

In My presence to be


Clutched with arms to embrace you

Wherever you are;

Wrapped in folds to protect you

Whether near or far


In the journey called life

Things are not always what they seem;

Despite the riffs and the strife -

We=re on the same team.


When all=s said and done

And there are no other days;

When all=s light and sun

Because you walked in My ways,


In my presence you=ll still be

My face forever to see.


- Jesus



Dr. Morris Murray, Jr. 



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