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Words & Music by: Carol Pearson

and Morris Murray, Jr.


1. God=s forgiveness is a song that is stronger.

His forgiveness has a power of its own.

It makes us strong enough to be weak enough

To gain power from God=s hand;

To be free from sin I now will carry on.


2. God=s forgiveness is a song that is sweeter

Than any song yet sung by mortal man.

There is deliverance and freedom,

Love and healing are supplied:

The strength to leave the past and walk with head held high.


3. We know forgiveness is not forgetting

All the wrongs to us that others often do.

As He=s forgiven me and you,

So, we forgive each other, too.

Now, love your neighbor, as He loves you.


Chorus :

God=s forgiveness is as deep as the ocean.

It=s as wide as the East is from the West.

When you feel that you have failed,

God=s forgiveness will prevail.

You can find peace of mind in God=s forgiveness.


Dr. Morris Murray, Jr. 



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