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Forgiveness is not forgetting;

There are acts we cannot erase

From our mind=s storehouse of information:

We must remember to avoid the Achase.@


Forgiveness is not excusing

The wrongs to us others have done;

Forgiveness means making them accountable -

And from them we must sometimes run.


Forgiveness is not accepting

The unacceptable things they did;

Their lifestyle is a cramp to one and all;

If for sale, no one would buy or bid.


Forgiveness is not tolerating

Everything they decide to do.

To do that only hurts in the long run;

Tolerance breeds resentment, which is not good news.


Forgiveness means you must suffer

Without plans to retaliate or attack.

Forgiveness means going forward,

Choosing not to live in the past.


Forgiveness means respecting yourself,

For loving yourself you must do.

Setting limits to the abuse from others;

With self-respect you cannot lose.


Forgiveness means freedom

To walk with head held high.

Freedom is strength to leave the past,

The power to tell it good-bye.


Forgiveness supplies us with healing,

For love is at the root of this pact:

Love overcomes hate, yes, health it creates,

And that is a matter of fact.


Forgiveness means deliverance from guilt -

Your own and that dumped on you;

Forgiveness means your slate is now clean,

The Word of God says this is true.


Forgiveness is confrontation,

Saying clearly, AYou did me wrong.@

Being strong enough to be weak enough

To gain God=s power to now go on.


Forgiveness is being realistic,

Equipped with a toughness all its own;

The power to shake off deception:

To make sure the camouflage is gone.


Forgiveness is always stronger

Than the hatred of the ones we forgive.

Forgiveness is a nail in their coffin,

Its design is that we may now live.


Forgiveness is a tune that is sweeter

Than any song yet sung by man:

Forgiveness is our passage way to glory

By God=s grace we can make that stand.


Forgiveness is now seen in its meaning:

What it is and what it is not.

So, be free from the burden you carry:

You=ve given and received a lot!


Dr. Morris Murray. Jr.


Content copyright July 2010 jmhall. All rights reserved.