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ACharacteristics of Kingdom People: Be-Attitudes & Benefits@

Mt. 5:3-16

I Be-Attitudes

1. APoor in spirit@ - humble, lowly-minded, recognition of spiritual poverty,

sense of unworthiness; Phil. 2:5-8 - Jesus took on

spiritual poverty for our sake (II Cor. 8:9);

2. AMourn@ - heartbrokenness over spiritual condition; Ps. 34:18; 51:17;

Isa. 57:15; 66:2;

3. AMeek@ - teachableness, willingness to learn - no >big shot= or >know-it-all=


4. AHunger & thirst@ - no self-righteousness; desires to be filled w/ God=s

righteousness (II Cor. 5:21)

S A L V A T I O N at this point!

5. AMerciful@ - full of compassion toward others; identification with others in

sufferings & sorrows ( Rom. 12:15); not mean-spirited and

spiteful of others;

6. APure in heart@ - wholly devoted to God; not merely external but inwardly

pure, clean, innocent ( _____________ - catharsis: relief);

7. APeacemakers@ - man & God and man & man (Rom. 12:18); not troublemakers:

Adove & buzzard@ illustration;

8. APersecuted@ - various >forms= of opposition?

II Benefits

1. Salt

a. Purpose - to flavor food; Xns to flavor life (joy, purpose, etc.); not >dull=

b. Essential - >must= for human body; Xn is must for body of X

c. Thirst - popcorn & peanuts; >others= for Jesus

d. Preservative - to avoid corruption & rottenness of >food= & >people=

e. Melting - >ice= when making ice cream; Xn to melt >hearts=

f. Contact - >penetration= for influence - not >isolation= but >involvement=

g. Looses itself - does not call attention to itself for itself sake

h. Can Loose Flavor? - if we do, people will walk all over us

2. Light

a. To shine from a strategic place - Aa city set on a hill@ - a prestigious church

in a strategic place is wherever God leads us

b. To show the way - the very purpose of light is to shine - we are saved >from=

something & also >for= something: to show the way - as cars need

headlights at night, so the world in its darkness needs Xn light: plants

need light for growth, etc. Light adds beauty to life; AWhat does light

do for stalagmite formations in caves?@ reveals it beauty

c. To call attention to the Ultimate Light of the World - not ourselves but

X Himself - as the moon reflects the light of the sun; our >good works=

are to be seen to glorify God not to call attention to ourselves


Let us not be ashamed of or a shame to >who= and >what= we are in Jesus Christ!


Dr. Morris Murray, Jr.


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